CONNECT A Cappella


Who Is Connect?

CONNECT is an award-winning professional a cappella group located in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut. They are a mixed group of singers who wanted to continue sharing their love of music after attending school together at Central Connecticut State University. They combine lush harmonies, pure emotion, and clean riffs with a distinctly modern edge to bring you the sound of CONNECT.



  • Holy crap. THAT WAS LEGIT!
    You better wail. So killer!
    Avi Kaplan, Pentatonix
  • DA-YUM! Incredibly musically complex… If I closed my eyes, I would have sworn I was listening to a record.
    Dylan Bell, Author of “A Cappella Arranging"
  • Very unique... Lush, ringing chords... Fantastic!
    Corey Slutsky, Voices Only
  • Amazing! Such strength and creativity…
    Just fabulous!
    Harriette Walters, Master Director, Greater Nassau Chorus
  • Great group! Great voices! Awesome performance!
    Maxine Jones, En Vogue
  • Amazing chords. Truly awesome. Soloists - OMG!
    Tim Seelig, SFO Gay Men’s Chorus
  • Broad range. Lead vox - WOW!
    Scott Matthews, Music Producer
  • Musicality and performance: YES!
    Raz Kennedy, Bay Area Vocal Coach
  • Beautiful riffing, beautiful blend.
    Tina Harrington, Bay Area Choral Director


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